As a child, my hobbies and heroes were pixelated.
Decades later, my interests are the same, but the graphics have upgraded.



Huly July Christmas

Sun bleached twinkle lights and faded décor
Robin’s nest in the garland ‘round the window
Dead June bugs in the wreath on the door
Christmas ends when the lawn needs a mow


The most curious thing I’ve noticed as I pass through my middle years
Isn’t the hair growing on my shoulders, but the ones growing out of my ears.


I’m writing this from a conference table

The speaker showed without doubt
That he’s confident talking to people
On topics he knows nothing about.



Rent To Own

RACI once worked at Rent A Center.
Delivered stuff in the cold and bitter.
My boss was a twit.
I decided to quit.
Now I stay indoors in the Winter.


Sunday Morning

Dogs’ll go Dogs'llpoop in a room you don’t use.
They won’t wake you up. They’ll go while you snooze.


The Introvert

He’s the least fun person that you’ll ever happen to meet.
He spends casual day with dress shoes on his feet.
He doesn’t dance and never sings.
He does not like social things.
He’s got no beat.
He finds himself alone at last.
He knows the day is finally passed.
He turns the music up, kicks the shoes off his feet.
He’s the most fun person that you’ll never happen to meet.