Thoughts From Anna

My cousin Anna has a great blog that she updates almost every weekday ( I admire her dedication to maintaining it. Even more, I admire the thoughts she shares in her blog. It’s all very personal. The topics range from the mundane to the deep. She’s covered topics from her love of Easter hats to her waning spirituality. Early on she blogged about the death of her father. He was a huge influence in my life. I keep a picture of him on my shelf at home even all these years later. That blog entry hit me hard. It brought back so many feelings and memories, that it took fully a week for me to get back to normal.
Her blog has made me think about my smart-assy poorly maintained blog. I wonder if these are the thoughts we leave for posterity. When we die, will they somehow be maintained by or whatever archive we’re using when that time comes? Will our children, grandchildren or future decendants read our blogs to find out what we were like at this moment in our lives? Do I want my message to the future to be a list of things that make my ass sweat?
The short answer is yes. I do want my great great grandchildren to read about the things that make my ass sweat. I hope they get a chuckle out of it. But I also want to say more. I am going to try to do a better job of updating my blog. Five days a week is never going to happen, but a few times a month is a commitment I can probably keep. It may often still be things that make me laugh, but I won’t avoid covering other, more personal topics.

For the faithful five following my blog or those who browsed here from Facebook or Twitter, every entry may not be for you. Going forward, I may only link the funny ones to Facebook. For those in the distant future reading this, I hope your robot overlords don’t catch you slacking. If Ray Kurzweil is right, then I am probably one of your robot overlords, and I promise vengence on anyone caught screwing off. For my lovingly tolerant wife, this may be as close I am able to get to sharing my thoughts and feelings… so stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts From Anna

  1. I love sharing our thoughts and memories. Like you said, every blog might not interest you but some will. I look forward to seeing what's in that head of yours from day to day.


  2. I always look forward to reading both of your blogs. And I was thinking just yesterday that at some point, I would like to print them off so that I can keep them forever. I wish we would all write more, our children will appreciate it 30 years from now. I wish my parents and grandparents had kept a blog.


  3. Eric you have summed it up perfectly. I don't think we appreciate that fact until we are older. There are so many questions and I wish we could go back in time to ask them. I have found from talking to some cousins that Ma told different things about her life to different people. But I would have loved to talked to Ma, Pa, Charles, my Dad, your Mom and Dad and just found out about things in their life and how they felt about them.I have tried to encourage my Mom to write down stories from her life starting with her earliest memories. I need to reinforce that, she is one of the last ones that probably can tell us about things that happened to them as children in Oklahoma.I remember your mom telling me about when they lived in Oklahoma and she went and spent the night with a school friend. She thought they were rich because the little girl had her own room. These are the every day stories that we have missed out on.


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