World Series Blog 4: How Minor League Baseball Ruined Major League Baseball

Field of Dreams

Is this Heaven.? No… It’s Dr. Pepper Ballpark.

I always thought there was no better place to be than the ballpark. Any Major League Ballpark would suffice, but I have a special affinity for the Ballpark in Arlington. I never loved the name, but I love the design. I love the smell and the sound. Cold beer. Hot dogs. Then a few years ago we went to the Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, TX to watch the Frisco Rough Riders. I immediately fell in love with the smaller venue of the Minor League park.

Minor League ball, when done right, is everything you should love about baseball on a smaller scale. Fewer seats let you be closer to the action. Lower concession prices let you enjoy the full ballpark experience without breaking the bank. Great deals on ticket packages will help you build a relationship with the team in a personal way.
If you’ve never been, and you can get to Frisco in the Spring, you should go. If you’re local to North Dallas, you should really look at getting a ticket package. They’ve got an all you can eat section, the Teddy Express Section, where your ticket price includes unlimited burgers, dogs, brats, chips and sodas. Getting eight or thirteen games with burgers, dogs and sodas really makes it special.

Now that we’ve made a habit of going to the Rough Riders throughout the Spring and Summer, we don’t go to Arlington anymore. I don’t love the Ballpark in Arlington any less, but I love the Dr. Pepper Ballpark so much more.


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