The Borax

I’m a nearly forty year old full time mathematician.
Facing the start of a mid-life “transition”
I can’t sleep at night, and can’t wake in the morning.
Everything that I do is mind numbingly boring.
I’m bored of my work and bored of my home.
I’m sick of people but hate being alone.
I’m bored of listening and bored of talking.
I’m tired of sitting and running and walking.
I’m bored of sobriety and bored of drinking.
I’m sick of emailing, texting, and syncing.
I’m bored of reviewing the social networks.
Election year’s filled them with whiners and jerks.

I’m bored of following and bored of leading.
I’m tired of the Internet, TV and reading.
I’m bored with the dogs and bored with the kitty.
I can’t stand the country, and I’m through with the city

I can’t write anymore. My mind is a fog.

I’m bored of this. I’m through with this blog.


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