The Third Place

Here’s a qucik one.

A wise man once said your life is out of balance if your time isn’t spent in at least three places. After that he was no longer called the wise man. Presumable two of the three places are home and work. The challenge is finding your third place. The third place has to be equally important to your story, like Arnold’s, Central Perk or Cheers.

I spend my time at home and work, but I don’t have a third place. Can a book be considered a place? What about a video game, movie or TV show? What about “in traffic”? Can that be considered a place? If so, my third place sucks.

I suppose church could be. You’d have to spend a significant amount of time there, otherwise it’s just a place you go once a week, like the grocery store. Maybe if you have a close friend and spend a lot of time at their house. Maybe this is why continuing education is such a draw. College, combined with work and home is clearly a proper division of your time and resources. Some people go to the gym for an hour or more three or more times a week. That would count.

The changing way we interact with the world brings this concept into a new light. Is Facebook a place? What about the combined social network; Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.? What if you spend most of your day with your head up your butt? Can you count your butt as your third place. We all work with people like that. But then, they can no longer count work as a place. Anyway, that’s more like having an alternate state of being than an alternate location.


2 thoughts on “The Third Place

  1. In Masonry we are taught your 24 hour day should be divided into 3 equal parts. 1 for service to God or a distressed worthy brother, 1 for your usual vocation, and the third for rest and refreshment.


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